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(I) Electronic Technology & Information Science
Wireless Electronics
Telecom Technology
Computer Hardware Technology
Computer Software and Application of Computer
Internet Technology
Automation Technology
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Library Science and Digital Library
Archiving and Museum
Synthesis of Electronic Technology & Information Science

Automation Technology

Ordnance Industry Automation 控制理論與技術(英文版) Measurement & Control Technology
Journal of Test And Measurement Technology Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators Transducer and Microsystem Technologies
Sensor World Electronics Optics & Control Electric Machines and Control
Automation of Electric Power Systems Electrical Automation Industrial Control Computer
Industrial Instrumentation & Automation Remote Sensing for Land & Resources Control and Instruments In Chemical Industry
Chemical Sensors 國際自動化與計算雜志(英文版) 系統工程與電子技術(英文版)
Precise Manufacturing & Automation Robot Computing Technology and Automation
Computer Measurement & Control Machinery & Electronics Machine Building & Automation
Programmable Controller & Factory Automation Control Engineering of China Control Theory & Applications
Control and Decision Pattern Recognition and Aitificial Intelligence Automation in Petro-Chemical Industry
Information and Control System Simulation Technology Journal of Telemetry,Tracking and Command
Remote Sensing Technology and Application Remote Sensing Information Journal of Remote Sensing
Metallurgical Industry Automation Instrument Technique and Sensor CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems
Manufacturing Automation China Auto-ID Automation Panorama
Techniques of Automation and Applications Acta Automatica Sinica Process Automation Instrumentation
Automation & Information Engineering Automation & Instrumentation Automation & Instrumentation
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