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(I) Electronic Technology & Information Science
Wireless Electronics
Telecom Technology
Computer Hardware Technology
Computer Software and Application of Computer
Internet Technology
Automation Technology
Journalism and Media
Library Science and Digital Library
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Telecom Technology

Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Journal of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Natural Science Edition) Chinese Journal of Radio Science
Telecommunications for Electric Power System Journal of Circuits and Systems Audio Engineering
Video Engineering Telecom Engineering Technics and Standardization Telecommunications Science
Telecommunication Engineering Electronic Information Warfare Technology Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Journal of Electronics & Information Technology Radio & TV Broadcast Engineering Optical Communication Technology
Study on Optical Communications Guangxi Communication Technology Optical Fiber & Electric Cable and Their Applications
Aerospace Electronic Warfare Journal of Hunan Post and Telecommunication College Fire Control Radar Technology
Shipboard Electronic Countermeasure Ship Electronic Engineering Journal of Military Communications Technology
Space Electronic Technology Journal of Air Force Early Warning Academy Radar Science and Technology
Radar & ECM Journal of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Natural Science Edition) World Telecommunications
China Avphile Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing Digital Communication
Digital Communication World 中國郵電高校學報(英文版) Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology
Communications Technology Journal on Communications Satellite & Network
Wireless Communication Technology Radio Engineering Radio Communications Technology
Modern Science & Technology of Telecommunications Modern Radar Modern Transmission
West China Broadcasting TV Journal of Signal Processing Journal of Information Engineering University
Information & Communications Information and Communications Technologies Designing Techniques of Posts and Telecommunications
中興通訊技術(英文版) China Communications China Digital Cable TV
ZTE Technology Journal
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