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Acta Armamentarii
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1000-1093
CN: 11-2176/TJ
YP: 1979
Url: 中國兵工學會
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Acta Armamentarii
2015 -S2
A New Node Importance Evaluating Method for Complex Weighted Networks ZHOU Xuan;ZHNAG Jin-wu;Navy Academy of Armament;
The maximum Flow Improved Model and Solution for Offshore Cross-platform Autonomous Sensor Network Based on Multi-mission HUANG Xiao-peng;LUO Jun;JIAN Fu-sheng;Naval Armament Academy;No.724 Research Institute
Wideband MUSIC Algorithm for Ship Volume Target Recognition ZHANG Wei;WANG Guang-fu;LIN Li-ming;LI Chun-lin;Naval Academy of Armament;Unit 91039 of PLA;Unit 92941 of PLA;Unit 92755 of PLA;
Analysis about Effect of Wind Field on Backscattering Characteristics of Ocean Surface Based on Facet Scattering Model LI Shu-zhong;LUO Jun;ZHANG Yang;LI Jin-xing;ZHANG Min;Naval Academy of Armament;School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering
Efficient Computational Method of Coupled Targets Electromagnetic Scattering Based on KD-Tree ZHANG Yang;LI Shu-zhong;ZHANG Chun-yang;ZHOU Peng;ZHANG Min;Naval University of Engineering;Naval Academy of Armament;School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering
Research on Parallel Computation of Sound Field Based on Normal Mode Theory HAN Zhi-bin;CAO Liang-jie;Naval Academy of Armament;Unit 91245 of PLA;
Study of Evaluating Parameter for Beam Quality of Energy Transport Laser System WANG Hui-hua;LIN Long-xin;LI Hai-bin;Naval Academy of Armament;
Research on Energy Dissipation Characteristics of Underwater Explosion of Explosives QIN Jian;AI Dong-min;WU Cheng;AN Feng-jiang;DUAN Ji;Naval Academe of Armament;Factory 9343;School of Mechatronical Engineering
Fault Feature Extraction Method Based on SVD and Optimal Morlet Wavelet WEI Jun-hui;FENG Chang-lin;Naval Academy of Armament;
The Application of Harmonic Wavelet Packet Kurtogram in Mechanical Incipient Fault Diagnosis FENG Chang-lin;LUO Rong;WEI Jun-hui;Naval Academy of Armament;
The Effect of Mine Explosion on the Safety of Mine Sweeping Helicopter WU Xiao-bing;SHENG Zhen-xin;AI Yan-hui;Naval Academy of Armament;China Ship Scientific Research Center;No.710 Research Institute
The Scheduling of Landing Carrier-borne Aircrafts Based on Flowshop Model ZHANG Pi-xu;ZOU Wei;Naval Academy of Armament;
Normal Flight Profile Fitting Method Based on Historical Flight Data ZHANG Jin-wu;ZHOU Xuan;LU Yi-yu;Navy Academy of Armament;Civil Aviation College
Selecting Method of Guide Stars Based on SVM QIU Hao-yang;SHEN Jun;MA Rui-ping;Naval Academy of Armament;Unit 92730 of PLA;
A New Optimization Design Method of Weapon Systems SUN Shi-yan;ZHU Hui-min;Weapon Engineering Department
Research on Algorithm for Fire Efficiency of Shipborne Gun Weapon System against Single Target on Island GUO Yong;QIU Zhi-ming;CAO Yuan;Naval Academy of Armament;
Operational Availability of Tactical Missiles WU Xin-hong;MA Yi-qing;YAN Yong-dun;Naval Academy of Armament;
Research on Torpedo Ballistic Technology Based on Towed Line Array ZHAO Jiang;WANG Guang-yu;Naval Armament Academy;Naval Armament Department;
Analysis of Anti-detection Effectiveness of Stealth Sea Mine Based on Rand Model XU Jie;ZHANG Peng;DONG Li;Unit 92232 of PLA;Department of Weaponry Engineering
Research on Generalized Guidance Law of Anti-tactical Ballistic Missiles SHEN Jun;Naval Academy of Armament;
Research on Operational Capability of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb against Water Surface Ship ZHANG Jun;FENG Chang-lin;ZHANG Shi-ying;Naval Academy of Armament;
Study of Simulation System for Torpedo Radiation Noise Index Demonstration HE Xin-yi;CHENG Shan-zheng;GAO He;WANG Lei;Naval Academy of Armament;Institute of Acoustics
Study of Error Conduction for Rate Fire Control System XIA Xue-wen;DONG Ming;CAI Ling;Navy Academy of Armament;
Influence of Length-diameter Ratio of Gun Barrel on Muzzle Disturbance CAO Yuan;GUO Yong;QIU Zhi-ming;ZHANG Shi-ying;XIAO Liang;Naval Academy of Armament;
A Rapid Setting Method for the SM-3 Firing Data Based on Function Approximation LENG Zhi-cheng;ZHANG Xiao-dong;HUI Jun-peng;ZHANG Guang-ren;Naval Academy of Armament;Naval Equipment Department;Research and Development Center
An Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Position Controller for Naval Gun Servo System ZHANG Ying;XIA Xue-wen;LI Fa-zhong;DONG Ming;Naval Academy of Armament;The North Sea Fleet Headquarters;
Research on Cam Strength of a Torpedo Engine YANG Ce;CHEN Yi-hui;Naval Academy of Armament;Department of Weaponry Engineering
Research on Penetration and Damage Abilities of Anti-ship Missile against Warships SONG Hai-ling;Naual Academy of Armament;
An Anti-ship Missile Warhead Lethality Assessment Method Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process YAN Zhong-xin;GAO Xiao-dong;XIAO Ming;Navy Academy of Armament;Naval Armament Department;
An Algorithm for Anti-ship Missile Target Threat Estimation BAO Yong-liang;XIAO Ming;YAN Zhong-xin;Naval Academy of Armament;
A Ship Combat System Conceptual Model of Mission Space for Demonstartion ZHANG Bo;KANG Feng-ju;SU Bing;School of Marine Science and Technology
Research on LVC Simulation Technology for Weapon and Equipment Tests PENG Chun-guang;DENG Jian-hui;ZHANG Bo;Postdoctoral Workstation
Study of Positioning and Tracking Based on Moving Long Baseline for Underwater Vehicles LU Jun;XIAO Chang-mei;SONG Bao-wei;School of Marine Engineering
Research on Acoustic Imaging Identification Technology of Underwater Target SHI Min;HAI Wei;CHEN Qian;ZHANG Zhao-rong;Naval Academy of Armament;Unit 92132 of PLA;
Analysis of Anti-jamming Capability of Multistatic Radar System under Different Interference Rules LI Jie;SHEN Wei;Naval Academy of Armament;Nanjing Institute of Electronic Technology;
Numerical Simulation and Analysis on Radiation Environment of High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse near Sea Surface WANG Ming-kai;MO Jin-jun;ZHANG Yin;Naval Academy of Armament;National University of Defense Technology;91515 Unit of PLA;
The Feature Extraction and Detection for Shaft-rate Electric Field of a Ship LI Song;SHI Min;LUAN Jing-de;WU Zheng-zheng;Naval Academy of Armament;Navy Agency of Jiangnan Shipyard Group Co.
Study on Fault Diagnostic Strategy of Complex System under Unreliable Test DONG Hai-di;WANG Xue-jin;LIU Gang;MA Rui-ping;Department of Space Engineering
Research on Passive Ranging of Multi-array of Sonar System on Naval Platform YU Yun;ZHAO Chun-mei;YUAN Yan-yi;Naval Academy of Armament;
An Improved Particle Filter Algorithm for Underwater Terrain Matching SHEN Jian;XIONG Lu;SHI Jing;ZHANG Jing-yuan;Naval Academy of Armament;91868 Unit of PLA;Wuhan Ordnance Noncommissioned Officer Academy of PLA;Naval University of Engineering;
Selection of AC Servo System Actuator and Design of Reduction Gearbox DONG Ming;ZHANG Ying;CAI Ling;LI Fa-zhong;Naval Academy of Armament;The North Sea Fleet Headquarters;
The Study of Centralized Command and Control Model of Multiplatform Cooperative Engagement Based on IDEF0 LI Ye;GUO Yong;GUI Qiu-yang;WANG Dong;Naval Academy of Armament;
Study of Unscented Kalman Filter Algorithm and Its Application in SINS Error Estimation of Underwater Terrain Matching LI Heng;WANG Guang-yu;QIN Jian;Naval Academy of Armanent;Naval Armament Department;
Analysis of Type Selection of Cascade Multilevel Class-D Power Amplifier Filter ZHANG Ying;ZHAI Zhu-qun;CAI Ling;DONG Ming;Naval Academy of Armament;
Analysis of Input and Output Impedances of a Cascaded Multilevel Class-D Power Amplifier XU Lu-wei;MENG Qing-de;ZHANG Ying;CAI Ling;Naval Academy of Armament;
An Improved Analysis Method of Statistical Goodness-of-fit for Sea Clutter Data JIAN Fu-sheng;LUO Jun;Naval Academy of Armament;
Analysis of Software Communication Architecture and Its Test Authentication Scheme LI Yue;CHEN Wei-wei;XIA Pan-yuan;YANG Feng;Naval Armament Research Institute;China Electronic System Engineering Company;Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
Research on Routing Protocols for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks SONG Guang-ming;ZHANG Song;ZHOU Fan;Navy Academy of Armament;No.722 Research Institute
Joint Estimation of the Parameters of Continuous Phase Modulated Signal LU Feng-bo;Naval Armament Research Academy;
Research on Sliding Window-based Channel Parameters and Timing Offset Joint Estimation TAO Wei;LI Cong-ying;DOU Gao-qi;Naval Academy of Armament;Department of Electronic Engineering
Galileo Signal Collecting and Processing System Based on Software Receiver JIAO Gang-ling;LIU Gang;Naval Academy of Armament;Naval Aeronautical Engineering Academy;
A New Time-frequency Analysis Approach Based on Short Time Fourier Transform YAN Hong-shan;LI Dan;DING Lin-ge;Naval Academy of Armament;
Joint Source Channel Decoding for Low Density Parity Check Codes ZHAI Zhu-qun;ZHAO Dan-feng;LI Chao;Naval Academy of Armament;College of Information and Communication Engineering
An Infrared Target Detecting Algorithm of Sea-sky Background Based on Wiener Filtering LI Yue-qiangl;LI Shu-zhongl;WANG Quan-xi;MIN Zhi-Fang;WU Xin-jian;Naval Academy of Armament;Huazhong Institute of Electro-Optics;
A Seafloor Objects Detection Method Based on Lacunarity Texture Feature MA Shuo;TAN Ai-min;Unit 92232 of PLA;Unit 92403 of PLA;
Point Feature-based Image Registration: a Survey XIAO Ming;BAO Yong-liang;YAN Zhong-xing;Naval Academy of Armament;
Design and Research on Botnet Detection-oriented Information Fusion System HOU Jie;XUE Liang;XING Xiao-li;Naval Academy of Armament;
A Position Controller with Variable Structure Adaptive PID based on Fuzzy Compensator CAI Ling;ZHAI Zhu-qun;ZHANG Ying;DONG Ming;Naval Academy of Armament;
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