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Dialectics of the Center and the Hinterland:A Comparative Study on Regional Spatial Relations between Suzhou and Ningbo Based on Corporation Relations

WANG Xin;LUO Zhendong;ZHU Chasong;CAO Ziwei;  
The relationship between the center and the hinterland reflects the functional relationship among different cities at different scales.Based on data from the second national economic census,this paper compares Suzhou and Ningbo,both of which are a secondary center in the Lower Yangtze River Delta Region.With a perspective of corporation relation,the spatial relations between Suzhou and Ningbo are compared in three aspects:the contact characteristics,which includes the general contact,the out-degree contact and the in-degree contact,the leading contact types and the relationship with Shanghai.The research findings show that,at the regional level of the Yangtze River Delta,Suzhou,which has long been viewed as the direct hinterland of Shanghai,is qualified to be a subcenter of the Yangtze river delta.The city has relatively diverse and balanced regional linkages and interacts with Shanghai,Nanjing and other high-grade cities in a two-way manner,instead of depending on them.At the city region level,Suzhou has an intensive relation with other cities within the Suzhou region and has built its own economic hinterlands,which further enhanced its dominant position.Ningbo,in spite of being viewed as a relatively independent subcenter of the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta,is found to be the direct hinterland of Shanghai.The city has a strong one-way dependency on Shanghai.Although Ningbo has developed extensive regional linkages,the intensity is rather poor,and its linkage with counties and cities under its jurisdiction is weak as well.These factors,to some extent,have limited Ningbo's ability of becoming a regional center.The way of flow analysis contributes to a better understanding the "Center-Hinterland" relationship of Suzhou and Ningbo.Meanwhile,it has also revealed the dialectical,comprehensive and multi-scale characteristics of the "Center-Hinterland" relationship.
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