How I Care for my Mum while I Travel

elderly careDo you travel when you are anxious about the people you are going to leave at home? Me, I don’t feel comfortable traveling when I left the people I love with no one to oversee their care, especially my elderly mom. Our moms are our only best friend when the world seems to be turning against us and it is our way of saying thank you for all the love and sacrifices they’ve done for us. I usually make a checklist of things before I travel. Hope this list will help to allay your anxiety about leaving your folks at home because it works for me!

Make sure that there is enough food in the grocery and in the cupboard. My mom doesn’t eat much but I still keep a close watch on the contents of the fridge and grocery for her. I just want to make sure that she doesn’t have to go to the supermarket to get a bread or butter that I overlooked. Making sure that food would be enough for mom or any unexpected guest she may have is one way to relieve my anxiety. I would of course love to hear that she’s entertaining guests!

Make sure that there is enough money kept inside the house in case of emergency. You will never know and hope that there would be none, but it helps to know that there is sufficient money inside the house that Mom knows where to get it in case she needs to see a doctor or anything. Or perhaps hire someone to drive her to town to get something she needs.

Make sure that the house is clutter-free. Of course I do the chores! I make sure that mom enjoys her senior citizen life. However, she insists from time to time to do the dishes, manually! I don’t get her sometimes. She’d rather wash them manually instead of using the dishwasher. I let her, but I make sure that I am there to watch her. When I travel, I ask her not to do it anymore or else I wouldn’t travel. Well, I think that works because she really won’t do the dishes when I’m traveling.

Make sure to hire someone to look after her. Telling your neighbor to look after your mom may be the most convenient way, however, the best thing to do is get home care oakham so that you won’t have to ask favors from your neighbor. In addition, it would be best to get your folks Bluebird Care so that they will always be taken care of when you’re not around.

We are the best gifts our parents had when they were young and able and they are the best gifts to us when we’re brought out into this world. My mom helped me a lot to be the strong and independent person I am now and I want her to feel that I appreciate everything she did for me, even if I am not around to tell and show her so.

My Story of Getting Married in Florence, Italy

wedding cakeHave you attended a wedding of your friend that you wanted your wedding to be just the way you witnessed it? I got married in Florence, Italy. I prepared my own wedding with the help of my friends and some of my close relatives. Let me fill you in with the juicy details:

Wedding Gown. For my wedding gown, I chose a chiffon gown with asymmetrical draping. I saw this design on a website, of which I can’t remember, but I copied the wedding gown photo to have it created by my favorite gown couturier. For my veil, I chose a two-tiered chapel length veil with lace appliqué. I fell in love with this design by Vera Wang that I knew I have to save money to buy it.

Tuxedo. My fiancée, now my husband was very handsome with his black and white sharkskin tuxedo with a notch lapel and two-button closure. He paired it with a flat front slacks and he also showed me the tailored vest which he wore during the reception party.

Wedding Ring. Before I describe our wedding rings, let me just describe my engagement ring. When my husband proposed during a family weekend, and right in front of my family, he showed me a ring that was so exquisite, I cannot fathom as to how he was able to shop for it without me knowing it. Well, I guess he has his ways. It was a 14 karat white gold ring with 22 diamonds! The round center is surrounded by pave and bezel-set aside stones. Who would say no, right? Now, our wedding ring is made up of 14k white gold. Both wedding bands have a row of breathtaking channel-set round diamonds in the center of the band. Lovely!

Wedding Venue. The wedding ceremony was held at Castle Romantico. It is the perfect romantic wedding venue for me. I felt like a queen with its wonderful medieval castle and the cottages around it that just oozes with charm, character and romance. Even my guests were enchanted with the moat, the antique furniture and the vineyard!

My Wedding Photographer. I need destination photographers, so I availed one of the awesome packages of Swibble Photography. I love the way they combine photography and cinema. I feel like a queen of the castle and a star in my own wedding with these great people. I am excited as I am to see them today in the photos!

Music. Music was provided by a local band that my husband hired. They were awesome. Everything was perfect. It’s as if I didn’t plan this particular part because when the music played, the surprises came in. The dance with my mom and my dad, his parents, in fact, the whole brood danced with me!

I can say that my wedding was perfect for me. The preparations may have made me a bit too emotional or stressed, especially when my invitations were quite late in arriving. Everything went well and I felt the love and support of my family in one of the most important and joyous occasion of my life. My fiancée, now my husband will not be exempted from the preparations. He did his job well by taking care of the music for me.

Why Travel Solo

I was involved in a good paying office job that footed the bill yet supplied neither profession neither individual growth. I began loathing every morning waking up to prepare for work. I lost the passion to write– as I had to subdue them for many years in favor of curriculum building.

 One day, after months of preparation, I stopped my task and used my savings to go for a 6 months  trip around Asia. Unlike someone I knew, I didn’t meet that hunk who would take care of me because he thinks I am this sweet vulnerable creature. Yet, the much needed break allowed me to find myself in temples, provincial routes and meditation classes. I met artists, travelers, adventure seekers, and we bonded.

 You’re reading this due to the fact that you wish to be a solo woman traveller. And yet, it’s tough for you to take the initial step– you can’t also make a decision where to go.

Here are my pointers. You can take it with a grain of salt as always:

The anxiety of being alone in an odd area where you barely acknowledge any individual. The worry of leaving your friend, the fear that without a man (any sort of man– even a useless douche bag), you’ll die alone and unhappy. The worry that a brat who is a lot more youthful (and less expensive) will take your work. The problem that if you inform anybody you’re taking a self-imposed sabbatical, they will criticize and mock you. Given that you’re deserting a stable profession for something as unimportant as taking a trip on your personal expense, they’ll call you crazy.

I had these issues and doubts as you. I was worried to use my savings, assuming that I will certainly end up penniless after travelling for months.

Later, I decided to confront and release my concerns. This isn’t really given that I’m braver as compared to you. It’s simply that travelling as a woman alone gave me gifts that surpassed my worries and it can do the very same for you.

 Time alone. You spent your 20s clocking 60-80 hour work weeks. Having time for by yourself, to do whatever you desire, to deal with whatever problems you would like to take care of– this is perhaps one of the most important gift for yourself.

 You are constantly surrounded by friends and family– and you find yourself resembling their irritations, needs and hopes. Taking a trip solo for a minimum of a few months will definitely allow you to assess yourself, your toughness and powerlessness, to realize your goals. You can do whatever you desire– and you do not have to ask anyone for approval.

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 Seeking God.  Being alone enables you to walk your selected spiritual course. Because that’s exactly what your member of the family taught you to think, you are cost-free to deny all the bibles and trainings which have really controlled your life. You might invest even more time meditating, wishing, examining spiritual publications, speaking with (and at some point abiding by) your spiritual teacher.

 Community.  As a female travelling alone, you could constantly find buddies anywhere. You could register with various other solo female travellers, or befriend residents of the city you’re viewing. You’ll view other people that are not simply intriguing and kind, but furthermore provide your life more colour and definition.

 Self-confidence. Travelling solo implies discovering to make a choice on your own when handling tight spots that you’ll run into while driving. You’ll need to identify the best methods to a cost effective trip around the city including secure budget saver stay ins, negotiation and bargaining, and whether you mean to converse with that dude with a charming accent.